Hebewunder Castor

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The Hebewunder is the perfect choice of castor to move heavy scenic trucks around the stage.

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Hebewunder Castor [up to 400 kg] The Hebewunder is the perfect choice of castor to move heavy scenic trucks around the stage.

Probably the biggest advantage of using the Hebewunder over braking castors is the fact that the truck will sit firmly on the floor when it is lowered into place. This ensures a well spread load and therefore great stability with no chance of accidental movement.

Leaving built scenic pieces on braked castors during performance can result in the floor flexing due to the high point loading. This could translate into “wobbly scenery” from the audience’s point of view or delayed scene changes because of the difficulty to marry up bolt holes or fixings.

Each Hebewunder can lift 400 kg by means of compressed air.

The triple swivel castors have the advantages of ensuring a minimal offset for easy initial rolling, good load spreading and excellent track jumping capabilities.

The 80mmcastors employed on these units have solid aluminium wheels fitted with bearings and polyurethane tyres. This allows great load bearing while maintaining a useful low overall height.

When rolling:

  • Smooth motion
  • Easy directional changes
  • Wide tread width easily jumps stage tracks
  • Low profile
  • High weight load
  • Quiet
  • Hard wearing treads

When stopped:

  • Whole truck lowers to the ground anchoring it solidly
  • Weight load spreads across the stage to avoid castors resting on spongy planks
  • Ideal for musicals and dance routines when braked castors might skid
  • No chance of hydraulic fluid leaks – run on air only
  • When the truck is lowered the base area increases greatly improving static stability
  • Actors can manoeuvre heavy trucks with ease and brake them with push button ease
  • Circuitry can be arranged so that control can be operated from either end of trucks
  • Lowered truck reduces step height [as low as 160 mm]

During construction:

  • Easy to fit
  • Full drawings available
  • All parts available from Flints
  • Everything normally available from stock
  • Larger tanks can be hidden inside built units
  • Smaller tanks can fit under the truck
  • Everything bolts, screws or push fits together
  • No prototyping or time consuming experiments


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